A Closer Look…

with Anthony Newcombe

This month: Golf’s “Hole-In-One”

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Published with permission from WritePlus

It might be … it could be … IT IS!! 

Wow! You did it! What a feeling! 

A – HOLE – IN – ONE!! 

It doesn’t matter if you make one at a par 3 course, a full-length municipal course, a private course, or a tournament course, there is a certain type of celebration that only one type of shot generates.  That, of course, is the HOLE IN ONE celebration. 

Everyone in the vicinity turns into sort of an antique: they freeze, gawk, point, and then applaud the golfer who brings them this once in a blue moon moment.  From some old timer during a skins round on a retirement course to Tiger Woods  during a professional tourney, witnesses in general go completely bonkers for this privilege. 

Not to brag, but I was fortunate enough to make not one but TWO holes in one in an 18-month span.  Unfortunately for my playing partner, he had to witness both.  And he’s a much better golfer than I’ll ever be.  

My philosophy: try to hit every pin I see (sucker-pin or not!).  His strategy: shoot within a 10-foot circle of each pin.  So, though he rarely (if ever) posted an 11 on his par-3 holes (like I have), he also didn’t give himself too many chances at an “Ace.” No risk, no reward I’ve seen somewhere. 

While watching the final round of the Players Championship today, make a note of the percentage of fans hanging out on the island hole, number 17.  If asked, I’m sure most of them would admit they are diabolical weekend hacks who are just waiting to see a millionaire pro hit a bunch of balls into “the drink”/ a.k.a. “lake” surrounding it. 

Others will admit they are looking to witness only the 23rd or so (don’t quote me, it’s close enough) ace in a professional round at TPC Sawgrass since its inception.  Few, it any, will drop their tee ball into the “Sunday hole location” in the back right swath of the green.  But, if it does somehow, you will witness absolute BEDLAM.  So, do what we all do: grab a snack, a cool beverage, an anticipate “the ace.” 

It is, from one hack to many others reading this, THE MOST amazing moment in golf.  Of course, that’s IF you have the guts to go for it! 


Anthony Newcombe is a 4-time entrepreneur, published author and narrator, and weekend golf hack who has broken more windows than he’d ever admit. He can be heckled on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere online. He’s one of those who doesn’t believe in “bad publicity.”