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Need some STRESS relief (FULL AUDIOBOOK VERSION) during the work commute, or prefer e-reading at your home or office? (E-PUB VERSION) BUNDLE BUY






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Need some STRESS relief (remastered audio book) during the work commute, or prefer e-reading at your home, hotel, or office?

The Answer:

This nonfiction work will make you laugh, cry, and wonder … yes, wonder how all of these years could have flown by and where they might have gone!  Pick up a bundle today – you won’t regret it!

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  1. sorry50isnotthenew30_1s07px

    “I was feeling down approaching my 49th birthday and came across Anthony on Google search. Wow, what a boost to my morale! And, he is hilarious and knows so much about life! I look forward to the next one!” – Jerold T. (Phoenix, AZ.)

  2. sorry50isnotthenew30_1s07px

    “Easy to listen to, humorous, and definitely spot-on accurate!” – Lisa G. (Conejo Valley, Calif.)

  3. sorry50isnotthenew30_1s07px

    Very funny because most of the topics were so familiar (unfortunately). It made me feel less awful about being middle-aged! – Lee M. (Dublin, Ireland)

  4. sorry50isnotthenew30_1s07px

    Hits home in so many areas! Anthony is able to take some some downright depressing topics and somehow make us feel better about them! Just brilliant! – Ron S. (New York, N.Y.)

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