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Need some STRESS relief (FULL AUDIOBOOK VERSION) during the work commute, or prefer e-reading at your home or office? (E-PUB VERSION) BUNDLE BUY




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Need some STRESS relief (remastered audio book) during the work commute, or prefer e-reading at your home, hotel, or office? (ebook) Well, HERE GOES!!

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  1. Anthony Newcombe


    “I was feeling down approaching my 49th birthday and came across Anthony on Google search. Wow, what a boost to my morale! And, he is hilarious and knows so much about life! I look forward to the next one!” – Jerold T. (Phoenix, AZ.)

  2. Anthony Newcombe


    “Easy to listen to, humorous, and definitely spot-on accurate!” – Lisa G. (Conejo Valley, Calif.)

  3. Anthony Newcombe


    Very funny because most of the topics were so familiar (unfortunately). It made me feel less awful about being middle-aged! – Lee M. (Dublin, Ireland)

  4. Anthony Newcombe


    Hits home in so many areas! Anthony is able to take some some downright depressing topics and somehow make us feel better about them! Just brilliant! – Ron S. (New York, N.Y.)

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