A Closer Look …

with Anthony Newcombe

re-published with permission from WritePlus

Let’s take a closer lookat your ballot!

This month’s topic: Why are there so few prerequisites in running for congress?


Like some of you (okay, many) the past few weeks, we’ve been perusing and marking our bingo cards – I mean, election cards- in the hopes of putting in charge the group that is destined to either botch our next several years or rescue them from the “evil ones” (you feel free to pick your sides – my job is hard enough here folks!).

Then, we patiently endure seemingly endless hours/ days/ weeks in tallying everything up. Then, we huddle up around our televisions (or computers) and moan, groan, cheer, and sigh as the results slowly and methodically drift across our screens. We’ve even been conditioned to wait for “run-off results” later in the year.  How does that help to increase “voter turnout?” Koo-koo, right?

My question is: why are we putting ourselves through all of this when it seems all the “elected” must do is find enough people to mark their ballots in their direction?  I mean, I don’t know about you, but I personally think it’s irresponsible to run for office to create the laws of the land when you can’t even prove that you know anything about anything.

Are members of congress lawmakers – or very expensive seat fillers with rubber stamps?

I mean, some of these “candidates” couldn’t get elected dog catcher because most American voters love their dogs (cats too) way too much to put them through hell dealing with an incompetent “d-catcher”  for the next 2-6 years. There must be a better way.


So, basically, there are age and residence restrictions. Should the candidate be required to know anything about the law?  Why not? Why would a lawmaker not be required to know anything about the law before occupying a spot that pays nearly $200,000 per year of tax-payer dollars?


Because of this, I’m going to do my civic duty and propose the following:

  1. VOTE COUNT: All candidates must agree that they will abide by the collection and tabulation of all ballots – whether they win or lose. Otherwise, you must apply for a different occupation.  Seriously, can you stomach someone applying for a job at Apple and then telling Tim Cook that you refuse to accept his refusal of your services unless he agrees to hire you?! Sounds kind of koo-koo, doesn’t it?
  2. WHAT CONGRESS IS: All candidates must be able to spell the word “congress” without assistance from anyone, including Google Translate.  All answers must come with a lucid definition of duties to be performed. People shouldn’t obtain jobs they know nothing about.
  3. CITIES AND STATES IN MY COUNTRY: All candidates must be able to name all 50 states (capitals too) and be able to point to at least 5 states that are not your registered party’s state.  I know, kindergarten stuff, isn’t it?!

I don’t know about you, but I think this is a good start. We’ll get this thing whipped into shape in no time. However, it’s your turn now. 

What do you think?



Anthony Newcombe is a published author & narrator, 4-time entrepreneur, and full-stack web developer. You can follow his gallery on Instagram . He’s just now getting serious about building up “his pack,” so let him know you’re out there!