The “New” Lazy

A Closer Look …

with Anthony Newcombe

Let’s take a closer look …

published with permission from WritePlus

This month’s topic: The “New” Lazy




adjective: lazy; comparative adjective: lazier; superlative adjective: laziest

  1. 1.

unwilling to work or use energy.

“He was too lazy to cook”

Or, how about, “We were too lazy to drive to the drive thru

Our household just received the latest “new thing.” It is, in fact, a digi-coupon from DoorDash informing us (don’t quote me on it) something like we can “… save 15% on our orders from Del Taco in the next 15 days!”

Del Taco? Do you mean the drive-thru Del Taco?” Seriously?! So, let me get this straight. We can’t even rally enough to throw on some clothes and drive ourselves to the drive thru?! In just a few short years of Covid-19, we’ve now become so lazy that we can’t even bring ourselves to do what the formerly lazy people did before the shutdown

It says a lot about how easily we can be persuaded “after the fact.” We’ve normalized something as simple as getting our cars and driving a few blocks down the street. We’re even now willing to include a “delivery charge” just to be able to keep ourselves planted in place. What’s next, having someone to bring it into our homes and arrange our plastic cutlery prior to engorging?

Hold on a sec.  My cameras tell me that DoorDash is here with my lunch.  Gotta go!

See you in the new year – have a safe holiday and don’t eat too … well, you know you will!

– A.N.


Anthony Newcombe is a published author & narrator, 4-time entrepreneur, and full-stack web developer. Check out his insta handles @50AINT30 and @anjet123