A Closer Look …

with Anthony Newcombe

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Let’s take a closer look … @How could Maui’s fires happen?

Wildfires: How could this happen?

If you believe in attempting to tackle”the unimaginable,” well, now is your time. Imagine a warm, welcoming people in an historic, fun-loving town. Now, bring in a spectrum of colors on the roadsides, along the skyline, and, of course, in the ocean encasing it all. Next, swirl-in a palette of all types of people, gathering from many places of the world. Don’t forget the sounds of the birds, the music, the palms swaying in the gentle trade winds.

Heaven turns to HELL

Now, if you’ll bear with me, the unfortunate “unimaginable.” A spark creates a flame which instantaneously generates a full-blown blast one can only describe as some sort of “apocalypse.” No sirens, no alarms, no whistles, nothing. Just the hellish, furious, roar of death and destruction. Those who are even somewhat “aware” of what is happening have no time to think, but rather are forced to flee for their lives – even if that includes jumping into the ocean – to escape the heat and smoke barreling towards them.

The end result

In a flicker of time, all has been reduced to ash and rubble. There is little time to process what has happened. There is no one available to question or to provide answers. An historic town dating back to the kingdom of Hawaii stands no more. We must do all we can to pitch-in to help rebuild this place and its people. And the people need answers … NOW!

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