November 22, 2023 



A Closer Look …

published with permission from WritePlus

It’s finally here folks! We are announcing our selection of the biggest turkey of the year, and believe you me, the list is long and there are plenty of contenders for the title. Let’s get right to it … 

(Drum roll please) 🥁🥁

Our winner is: George Santos Panza! We affectionately call him “Santos Panza” due to his remarkably similar physical appearance (to Sancho Panza of Don Quixote fame) – coupled with his complete devotion to becoming “the sidekick” of greed, ignorance, and shameless self-absorption. Should we call him Quixote? No, we prefer Santos Panza. 

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What the hell was “Santos Panza” thinking?

In a nutshell, it’s practically impossible to believe that someone could think that the people of the United States of America could be so stupid that we would sit back and allow him to do what he intended. 

At some point, those running for office need to learn that we don’t put them there simply for fun and games. Most of us just know what generally needs to be done and hope that our selection (or that of the opposing party) will step in and honestly attempt to make things better. 

If, however, we intended to use our campaign budgets to fund our lavish lifestyle(s), don’t you think we might have just RUN for office ourselves?  You know, like if any of it were LEGAL?!

Georgie: Did you really think that we would never find out? Wow, you are so deserving of our title. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Hope you enjoyed your Salvatore Ferragamos! You won’t need ’em for your next outfit though!


Anthony Newcombe is a 4-time entrepreneur, published author & narrator, and full-stack web developer. He never attended Baruch College and never played on its volleyball team either (see George: telling the truth is quite easy!) He can be reached for appearances via our CONTACT PAGE.