A Closer Look…

with Anthony Newcombe

Let’s take a closer look …

published with permission from WritePlus

This month’s topic: Hotel doors … ALL of them!


Why do hotel doors cause so much of a racket when closing?

No matter the quality, rate, or general cleanliness of a hotel, they all seem to have one irritating trait very much in common:  Their room doors make a ton of noise when they closeBe it coming or going, all we hear is BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Think about it:  when’s the last time you visited even a 5-star property that, well, won’t wake you up with a better success rate than the cheap alarm clock or the unreliable automated operator call?

In fact, I just completed back-to-back trips in completely different cities (and hotels) and both times I was awakened by the constant slamming of some jerky in the hallway either having a really late night out or trying to get to the airport just in time to find out his flight was cancelled.


Did the hotel chains ever consider hiring Rolls Royce to design their doors?  RR has a pretty good reputation for designing doors that assure “soft landings.”  Or, how about Sub-Zero? Their iceboxes (does “icebox” date me?) seem to be pretty quiet when I open (and close) them for my sleepwalking snack(s).  I know, it’s probably a bit pricey. But you’d think that being in a copycat industry, SOMEONE might have already figured this one out.  Spoiler Alert: they have NOT.

You’d think the hotel chains would be excited about this.  Then, they have something better to promote than “free breakfast and Wi-Fi” offered! They really do need our help, folks. 

Any ideas?


Happy fall quarter!

See you next month


Anthony Newcombe is a 4-time entrepreneur who has built companies in multiple verticals. He is also a published author and narrator (Sorry, 50 is NOT the New 30©2019). Anthony spends his free time tracking his remote-controlled golf ball around various courses in the metropolitan area.